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Engineering Consultancy Services for Network Operators

Working in projects related to network statistics, testing, optimization and technical specifications in 3GPP standards.

Engineering Consultancy Services for Regulatory Organisms

ToT has performed an study for the Directorate General for Telecommunications and Information Technologies about the technical requirements that allow to define the required coverage to offer LTE data services.

This project supports the activities of monitoring the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe and the production of reports on broadband coverage in Spain performed by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI). The project includes the elaboration of a model for the calculation of the received signal levels required to offer a certain user speed with the technologies LTE (Long Term Evolution) and HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), or reciprocally, the user speed reachable with a certain received signal strength.

Report and models available here

HSDPA Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) estimator

The same concept as for the OLPC is used for the CQI estimator for HSDPA. This WCMDA evolution needs a channel quality estimator in order to adapt accordingly the transmission speed, and the ToT method is precisely, in essence, an estimator of the channel condition. The development of this product was financed by a PROFIT program of the Spanish Industry, Tourism and Trade Ministry.

Scheduling algorithms for HSDPA, HSUPA and LTE

ToT has researched and optimized resource scheduling algorithms for HSDPA, HSUPA and LTE technologies using our own developed simulators.

Femto Node coverage simulation

Femto node deployment analysis

ToT has worked in the femto node deployment with vendors and operators, carrying out capacity and interference studies and collaborating in projects of standardization and auto configuration capabilities.


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